The Authentic Relating Movement

Bringing Empathy, Listening, and Real Dialogues to the World


Authenticity is about bringing your real truth into the world, rather than putting on masks and hiding your true self


Relating emphasizes finding ways to express your truth that others can actually receive and hear. It means bringing love and care together with your radical honesty.

A Global Movement

Authentic Relating is growing around the world as people are seeking more connection and growth in their lives. Find out more at:

What is Authentic Relating?

Meet our team

Pratibha Balasubramanian

Pratibha Balasubramanian

Pratibha is a certified yoga instructor, alumna of Bhoomi college, arbitrary doodlist and a macrocosm freak. During her stint with a corporate accounting firm, she grew increasingly cognisant of the price she had to pay mentally, physically and emotionally, all in return for a paycheck. This pushed her to question many givens and seek out new avenues. She now conducts personalised yoga classes, workshops on sustainability, healing nature walks and facilitates other programs and retreats such as Authentic Relating Games. She strongly believes that the key to lasting systemic changes are deep rooted in individual self-awareness, acceptance of diversities and genuine compassion.

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What people say

People that have attended Authentic Relating Events
Rahul Sridharan

Rahul Sridharan

"The Authentic Relating Games session I attended gave me a chance to slow down and take a look at how I'm connecting with people in my life. I find it amazing that just a few hours of trying to be real, vulnerable and connect deeply with others can do that to me! I've tried to go back to some of the tools/games later, especially in the relationship I share with my partner. Gratitude to Roy for offering this."

Anukriti Garg

Anukriti Garg

"As an introvert, I have found Authentic relating games to be extremely helpful to initiate conversations and form meaningful relationships with people."


"Authentic Relating Games is a deep exercise done in a light and simple way. Thanks to Roy and team for bringing this. Would want to attend more of the sessions, preferably longer ones."


"Authentic Relating Games made me feel more connected and reflect on myself. Which in turn made me a peaceful person."


"Authentic Relating was just what we need in the world right now."


"Authentic Relating is an experience to have"

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